Rajahmundry And Guntur Two Major Cities of Andhra Pradesh

Rajahmundry, originally known as Rajamahendri, is better known because your ‘cultural capital and born city’ of Andhra Pradesh. This might be mainly because that this palce was the origin for Telugu language. Poet Nannayya will be the first poet of Telugu was born here and hence gave Telugu a script which lived through a language.


-It is thought that the Chalukyas were the earliest rulers of the position.

-11th Century: Rajaraja Narendra was a Chalukya king who ruled the urban center. However, fresh archaeological data suggests that history of the place is older than that.

-In the 19th century: It was one of primary South Indian cities and was the epicenter of many uprisings during the British Era.

-Nyapathi Subbarao and Kandukuri Veerasalingam were the two important freedom fighters from Rajahmundry who played a crucial role in India’s freedom struggle. Mr. Subba Rao was also one of the founders of ‘The Hindu’, an English Daily.

Today, Rajahmundry is primarily a pilgrimage centre, due to your presence of many hundreds of temples in the city. It also holds the Pushkaram, once every 12 long periods of time. Pushkaram is a holy congregation which sees millions of devotees taking a dip in the Godavari. The city also shares a special bond with Tollywood. Pattiseema, a scenic spot here, necessitates the shooting of numerous Telugu movies have to have .. Apart from the temples and the Tollywood tryst, the place is also renowned for Pulasa Fish. It is a rare species which is found only through the monsoon season.

Rajahmundry is well connected to other neighboring cities of Andhra Pradesh by road and train. Located on an elevation of 45 feet, it has most of hot and humid tropical climate. The temperature does not vary much through the year, but the months of December and January are relatively cooler in contrast to the rest.

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Guntur is located located 64 kms using the Bay of Bengal and has great use of mostly virtually all of the cities inside of state. Guntur is mistakes developed city and is actually considered a center for learning. teluguwap and the nearby areas have a lot of Buddhist influences and it is that Buddha performed to begin with Kalachakra in this field. The Pratipulapra Kings were the earliest known rulers of Guntur.

Guthikonda caves and Stinagaram are the majority of the interesting places to visit in the Guntur metro. They are believed to be old and tend to be references for them in Vedic Puranas. Hyder Ali along with the Nizam of Hyderabad ruled the city before the ecu colonial powers arrived in Guntur. Guntur was in france they capital for a brief while it’s true.

1752: French shifted their headquarters from Kondavid Fort because of your ample associated with water because of the two large tanks. This settlement formed the nucleus of present day city.

1788: The Nizam and Haidar Ali ruled city untill the British took over.

1859: Exercise routines, meal made the headquarters regarding your district named after it that was abolished and later got reconstituted in 1904.

1890: The city rapidly became a major promote for agricultural product due towards opening of the railway fill.

The city has with the multitude of urban and regional life-style and there are many resorts which have been located ten or twenty yards from the Guntur city. Amaravati, Sitanagaram and Bhattiprolu would be the striking monuments that could be spotted in Guntur. Guntur is known as major center for textiles and getting around. There are many references to Guntur a number of of the traditional Sanskrit text messages.

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